When Water is Miles Away

Celebrate Earth Day! Design a project to raise funds to drill water wells in developing countries.

In school we learn that most of the Earth is covered with water. But did you know that nearly one billion people don’t have access to clean water? When I’m thirsty, I turn on the faucet. I’m able to drink clean water that helps keep me healthy and energized. What about for those one billion people though? Water is miles away, and it often carries diseases…

In order to survive, you have to fetch this water anyway. If you’re a girl, you bear the burden of collecting water for your family. You walk about half an hour to a water source, and then you walk back to your village carrying forty pounds on your head or back. The walk is often dangerous, and you repeat it two or three times every day. When there’s a drought, you wait up to three hours in line once you arrive at the water source. Since you have to spend your time collecting water, you can’t go to school or seek business opportunities, which means it’s hard to find ways to improve your situation and help your family. And so the cycle continues…

The good news: we can help change this. Simple solutions exist. We just have to be willing to do something to turn these solutions into reality. Check out this three-minute video  to see how much improves when we help provide access to clean water, and then take a look at WaysToHelp.org to learn about creative ways to get involved.

Here’s one idea. Last year, hundreds of college students participated in “Be Hope to Her,” a project to raise funds to drill water wells in developing countries. What if you brought this idea to your high school? Here’s a two-minute video from Nuru International that describes the event.

Be the first to make this happen at your school or in your city! Then post your service project to www.YouthServiceChallenge.org to be eligible to win prizes.

Today, when you take a sip of water, celebrate Earth Day by committing to take easy steps to help make clean water accessible to the one billion people who need it.


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