A reunion 15 years in the making

The sunset over Kabul Afghanistan was absolutely gorgeous and there was a certain thrill to flying over an area where a war is supposedly being conducted.  But the most exciting part of the actual trip to get to Delhi was seeing my friend Piotr at the Delhi airport!

Piotr's arrival in Delhi

Piotr's arrival in Delhi (he's in the red jacket)

Piotr and I worked together nearly 15 years ago at McKinsey & Company in Chicago and have only seen each other once since then.  But somehow we managed to stay in touch and keep up with each other’s lives.  He’s definitely the  adventurous type – accomplished skier, scuba instructor / cave diver, pilot, published photographer and thrill seeker (he’s been paragliding in the Alps and snowmobiling in the Arctic) with a passport that shows he has 60+ counties under his belt. 

So when I decided I wanted to travel to India and Africa to see some of the world’s most pressing issues first-hand, he was the first person I called.  I think I left a voicemail… and it didn’t take much convincing – to my surprise, seeing the worst of the worst sounded like fun to him.  And, more than that, 15 years at McKinsey & Company have given him the opportunity to establish a tremendous number of contacts all over the world.


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