The 3am call – “Your flight has been cancelled”

SFO monitor showing my cancelled flight

Saturday February 6th I was up very late… for about 3 weeks I’d known the trip to India was coming but somehow I still had a million and one things to do before my noon flight on Sunday.  It was just after 1am when I went to bed – resolved to be up at 6am to finish packing and emailing everyone before my trip.

But only 2 hours later – at 3:04 am – I was awakened with some startling news.   ‘There was an automated voice on the other end of the phone that very politely informed me that “This is American Airlines.  We are calling to inform you that your flight to Chicago has been cancelled.  Good-bye.”
“What!!  Are you kidding me?  I need that flight to catch my flight to Delhi!  Ugghh!  Is the whole trip going to unravel?”  These were the thoughts that ran through my head.  As well as a few thoughts about being awakened at 3am by a recording with no further instructions.  Honesetly, I couldn’t decide if I was happy to know right away or upset that they’d called me at 3 in the morning. 
Knowing that I had to get to Chicago… I spent the next hour and a half on the phone with American Airlines to book a flight that would allow me to make my connecting flight and meet my friend Piotr in Delhi as planned.
When all was said and done, everything went quite well.  New flight reservation, prompt cab, quick pass through airport security and an on-time flight. 
Now over my fleeting concerns that things might go wrong,  I decided to take the 3am call as a sign that – even if things seem crazy at times during our adventures in India and Africa – things will work out in the end. 
This is going to be a great trip!

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